The Affirmation Series: Part 1

I’ve decided I wanted to start sharing with y’all the stories behind some of my affirmations that I say to myself every single day. Naturally, I’m writing a blog around one of the hardest affirmations I say to myself first.

I sit here on a lovely fall Sunday in Texas. It’s October 30th and officially starts the last week of 33 for me.

Last week I attended a retreat where we did an activity that I do at my conferences. The activity is giving people around the table a compliment anonymously on a sheet of paper. One word or short phrase to get across to them that they are important, loved and seen. One of my best friends was leading the exercise and at the end, she added a flare “Now, write a compliment to yourself.”

So I wrote “I am Wildly Attractive.”

It’s been an affirmation of mine for many years. You see, affirmations exist as a reprogramming of your subconscious. It allows your subconscious to hear a different narrative than what it is used to hearing and over time, you reprogram it.

When I first started saying this to myself it was so uncomfortable. I had a voice in my head similar to Regina George that would play over and over again.


My original programmed subconscious would hear “I am wildly attractive” and remember all the times I was made fun of for being darker (black)…

All the times I was made fun of because my hair was crazy and sometimes unkept…

The lies i told myself about how having a bigger butt or just being slightly “bigger” than the rest of my friends made me ugly….

Oh god, don’t even talk to me about my curves and why they were wrong too.

To be honest, my hate for the way that I looked allowed me the space to stay small and hidden from the world. And hidden was safe…but so not me.

Society teaches women to hate themselves which multiple industries benefit from, so we kill ourselves daily for looks instead of the overall health of our bodies. But what if we changed the narrative that you can be healthy, attractive and successful…to no one but yourself. All of those things shouldn’t matter to anyone but you.

And while we’re on the topic of health, every woman on the planet should have to take a class about their reproductive system as an adult and learn signs to look for when your hormones are going bonkers (which, plot twist, happens more than just in pregnancy).

And most importantly: Everyone woman should be taught to love herself…but the problem lies in the fact that we women…well we are then a little too dangerous. A little less compliant. And a whole lot more.