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EVOLVE: An Evolution Collective Experience

I find myself in a state of disbelief and gratitude.

While cleaning out my office this week I found these: two whole years of EVOLVE conference workbooks. My team is currently planning and solidifying contracts for EVOLVE for 2023 starting our third year of EVOVLE! It is unreal to me that this idea I birthed out of a great yearning to make more people aware of their innate awesomeness has grown into such a beautiful experience.

On today’s blog I wanted to give you more information about this love project of mine.

When I started Evolution Collective in 2019, I not only wanted to work with individuals and teams but to also have a conference environment to teach in every year. Pre pandemic we had 3 conferences on the books for 2020. That year, we ended up having just one, via zoom, set up in my husbands office with crazy cameras and lights every where. But I knew the in person version we were planning on continuing with in January 2021 (rain, shine or c-word) was going to be a heart beat I had not yet experienced.


Similar to the Evolution Collective’s name, it symbolizes that humans are in a constant state of evolution- we are, after all part of nature. Seasons change constantly and so do we.

In school we are taught math and science and even psychology, but we are not taught to find out who we are. Truly deep in our soul, what makes us tick, discovery that leads to a life of happiness, joy, expansion and positive growth. And as #humans, we are constantly in a state of evolution.

EVOLVE exists to normalize the fact that we are on a continuous journey of evolving. We are not the same we were 10 years ago, 10 months ago, 10 weeks ago, 10 days ago, hell, sometimes life happens that makes us not the same as we were 10 hours ago or even 10 minutes ago.

For the first two years EVOLVE was called a conference/seminar.

In 2023, we’re calling it what it really is: an experience.

EVOVLE gives people a space for connection. A space to leave every day life to focus on you, get back on track and gain a breath of fresh air of limited responsibilities. Personal development is NOT reading a book and listening to a podcast. Personal development is an active action and can only be done with other people. Think you can do it alone? Think again.

EVOLVE is both a conference and (now in 2023) a retreat. We gather people of all ages, career status, business status, and belief status into a room to learn together. Myself and a group of other highly talented individuals from all industries train on different topics related around the mind, body, spirit and business/career. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL TIED TOGETHER and EFFECT ONE ANOTHER.

It’s harder to hit your goals if your mind is constantly foggy. Your mind is foggy because your gut is destroyed. It is all connected and we talk about it all! One of the most magical things I have personally learned at an EVOLVE is how we are greatly effected by our hormones and the pill is quite literally the devil to women’s brain chemistry.

In 2023, EVOLVE will be in 4 locations retreat style to add to the experience! We’re traveling to different locations across the US to take you even more out of your every day lifestyle. There is a deep exhale that happens when you leave the environment you live in every day- this doesn’t mean that you’re home environment is bad, but there is a release when you leave your every day space. Your endless lists of what has to get done pause for a moment. Travel also causes your brain to seek out and accept new information. EVOLVE all over the country just makes sense!

We’re hitting all the best of the seasons: Winter in Bloomington, MN, Summer in Ft Lauderdale, FL and Fall in Nashville, TN in 2023!

EVOLVE’s environment is light, airy and full of fun. It can be hard to learn and work through topics like limiting belief factors and ways in which your goals and dreams not coming true but at EVOLVE we bringing an environment of acceptance, connection and understanding that allows you to work through some hard things, some light things and some things that set your ass on fire to get to work.

EVOLVE gives you friends, companions, and business/career connections you never knew you needed. The energy inside the room is electric because its filled with people who are like you but different from you. All have a common goal: to work through head trash, manifest an amazing life, and be your most powerful self.

I lived 28 years as a shell of myself. I worked a successful career but was going down hill at a fast rate as a human. It took hard work, long hours and even longer days to get myself out of the space of “who the hell am I?! And what the hell am I doing?!” To get to a space of endless abundance, prosperity and paradigm shifts.

My goal in life is simple: to help others see that while life is hard, it is possible, you are possible and you are powerful beyond all measure. EVOLVE gives you space to experience a jolt of that reminder, learn a lot, love a lot and be yourself. EVOLVE is my love letter and permission to you that if you do the work, your life can change drastically for the better. EVOLVE is where it happens!

At EVOLVE you will be fed well. The hotels and spaces are always wonderful. There will be music and gifts and amazing giveaways. You will leave this weekend empowered, awake, alive and feeling more powerful than you ever have before.

I can’t wait for you to join us!

At this time, Tickets for EVOLVE MN are live! You can find more information here:

See you soon.

Love you, mean it!


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