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A conference in personal development: career and life.
Intended for women, but all are welcome. 

October 22-23, 2021 
Location: Westin Southlake,

1200 E State Hwy 114, Southlake, TX 76092

 the podcasts Aren't Enough.

 all the self help books in the world
just won't cut it.

They don't "work" unless YOU do the work.  Give yourself the gift of personal development and growth and do the work you have been avoiding. You need it for you and all of the dreams you have put on the back burner. You need it for your career and aspirations. Coming to EVOLVE isn't a Band-Aid to cover wounds of the past, it's the space to come and learn how to move forward. You are already your most successful self, you just haven't activated her yet. You're going to learn how to here.  

Join 7 industry leaders for sessions that will challenge you to think, be, and do differently.

YOU WILL leave with information that you will use again. 
YOU WILL leave changed. 
YOU WILL move your body, at whatever level it is that is comfortable to you. 
YOU WILL meet new people & connections. 
YOU WILL experience big emotions, in a safe environment. 
YOU WILL speak about business and home life in the same sentence. 
YOU WILL focus on you.

Day one: October 22, 2021:

Mind, Body, Spirit 

Day one will challenge your mindset, cause you to learn more about your body and how it affects your day to day business, and look at how your spiritual journey led you here and how to enhance it.


Day Two: October 23, 2021:

Business and Career 

Day two we will take what we learned about ourselves in day one and tackle your business and/or career. By the end of day two, you will have a clear plan to tackle the last quarter of the year, have an exceptional foundation for 2022, and be ready to blow your goals out of the water. 

But what are we doing?

Pre Conference VIP Ticket Holder Day 1-5pm 10/21/2021 

  • Exclusive VIP Conference Speaker One on One Sessions 

  • Metroplex Headshot sessions that include images you can instantly use

  • 6pm-8pm A 4 course sunset VIP Dinner with conference speakers 


  • Registration open: 8am-10am

  • Expo Center opens at 8am 

  • Conference Session I 10am-12pm 

  • Lunch (provided) 12-130pm 

  • Conference Sessions II 130-5pm

  • The Meeting After the Meeting: you've been to a conference before, you know the goodness in relationships happens after the meeting! Join us a for a dessert reception to have the conversations you didn't get to have during the day!


  • Expo Center opens at 8am 

  • Conference Sessions III 9am-12 

  • Lunch (provided) 12-130pm 

  • Conference Sessions IV 130-4pm 

  • Conference Dance After Party 7pm-9pm (food and 2 beverages per person included in tickets!) 

EVOLVE Conference will have an APP!!

That's right! The EVOLVE app will allow you to network with other attendees, check out sponsors and expo vendors and pick which sessions you want to attend to create your PERFECT conference schedule- all before the event happens! Access to the app will be granted to all ticket holders on August 1, 2021! 

There is something I need you to understand: 



You wont be sitting in your chair stagnant the whole time. You won't be bored.
leave with information that you will use again. 
leave changed. 
move your body, at whatever level it is that is comfortable to you. 
meet new people & connections. 
experience big emotions, in a safe environment. 
speak about business and home life in the same sentence. 
focus on you.





You Will

You Will

You Will

Ok so I know what you're thinking- a dance party? What the what?! 

So here's the deal: after two days of intense personal development, you need to unwind and we figured, why not all do it together?! There will be food, drinks and a bomb DJ playing all the best hits that will make you dance and sing your absolute lungs out. It's a space to breathe, to unwind and be whoever you want to be. 

Give yourself the gift of you. Give yourself the gift of networking and being amongst people again. Give yourself the gift of feeling alive again. 

The growth at the other side of EVOLVE means you can't afford to not go. 

It's time to get out of your own way. It's time to EVOLVE. 

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Are you ready to EVOLVE?!?!
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