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BUSY is the ultimate B word. It's time to part ways.

It's not you, its it.


Bye B! 

Join us April 25-29, 2022 12pm CST 

Via Facebook Live

How many times do you say busy during the day?

"Oh gosh, I'll get to it but I'm so busy!" 

"How was your day?!" Oh, it was busy! 

"I can't do that honey, I'm busy!" 

"I would love to work out but I'm too busy"

"I didn't get to that yet, I'm busy"

Listen. We're not that busy. 

We're distracted 

We're unorganized 

We're unaware 

We're deflecting 

We're avoiding 

We're in survival mode 

And it's time to break up with our toxic best friend Busy

During this 5 day challenge we're going to teach you how to kick Busy to the curb and adopt some new friends who will support you better. 

Each day at Noon we will be together training live on Facebook in our exclusive group and then comes the homework. It is one thing to learn, its another to actually DO the work to make your life flow better. Each daily activity won't take a lot of time but will make a huge impact on how you structure your day to say good bye to busy! 

During this Masterclass we're going to tackle: 

  • Constructive Time 

  • Habits 

  • Routines 

  • Boundaries 

  • & YOU!  



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The Evolution Collective

  • Tamika Taylor is a leadership & lifestyle coach who loves helping people live their best freakin' lives. Founder of the Personality Recipe™, she has a Bachelor's and Master's of Science, both of which are people and leadership focused. Before becoming a sought-after leadership coach and developing her program, she worked in higher education, the corporate world, and in the small business scene. In short, she's worked with A LOT of people in a multitude of different settings. The Evolution Collective was born out of her innate passion for helping people succeed in their career, business, and relationships. This includes the most important relationship - the one with yourself! Tamika speaks at conferences all across the country about leadership, education and mindset positivity with a book launching this November!. In her spare time, she loves spending time at her family, Husband James and kids Frankie with the Good Hair and Calvin. 

  • Personality Recipe: ENFJ, Enneagram 7,  Words of Affirmation, Strengths: Individualization, Activator, Focus, WOO, Communication 

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