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this is it!

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Think about the last 90 days of the year. What do they do for you? Excite you and motivate you? or do they defeat you? Does your career or business grow? Or do they suffer?

If you find yourself in the space of loosing site of yourself, your wants, your dreams, your aspirations OR your sanity. Then we can not wait for you to arrive! 


A 4-day luxury experience on beautiful Rosemary Beach, FL
Designed to give you space to realign with your most important relationship: yourself. 
Join 8 like minded women who are all on the path of self awareness and healing.
When you leave, you will be in alignment with your strengths, aware of your emotional powers and ready to expand in prosperity in relationships and career.


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Yoga on the Beach

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Prosperity is a vibration. Join us in a vibrational experience of luxury and prosperity from the home we're staying in to the food and gifts. This experience will raise your own vibration.


Intentional space is given to allow you to learn, absorb and take immediate action on your plans.

confidennce in self

Your most important relationship in life is with yourself. During this retreat we heighten and expand it to levels you've never reached much so you can't do anything BUT win! 

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