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We developed the Personality Recipe™ to help women identify how they operate.

When you know this, you can strengthen your relationships, career, and self-confidence.


The Personality Recipe™ is the foundation of ALL programs at the Evolution Collective.


It's comprised of a strategic system of personality and strengths assessments that identify your unique recipe. With your recipe, we can build your dream life.


And yes, I truly mean DREAM LIFE

We all need to give ourselves more grace in order to reach our goals and live a successful life. One of the best ways we can do this is by understanding that we all do things differently. ​

The Personality Recipe™ is for people like you who want to level up their lives in a powerful and sustainable way. I'm talking real, insightful growth - which comes down to identifying your specific personality, not applying a one-size fits all program to your very unique life.


If you want to create massive success in your career, business, or life at home, and improve your relationships tenfold, the Personality Recipe™ is what's going to guide you.




Tamika Taylor is a leadership & lifestyle coach who loves helping women live their best freakin' lives. Founder of the Personality Recipe™, she has a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Science, both of which are people and leadership focused. Before becoming a sought-after leadership coach and developing her program, she worked in higher education, the corporate world, and in the small business scene. In short, she's worked with A LOT of people in a lot of different settings.


The Evolution Collective was born out of her innate passion for helping women succeed in their career, business, and relationships. This includes the most important relationship - the one with yourself! Tamika speaks at conferences all across the country about leadership, education, and race and ethnicity. Although in her spare time, she loves spending time at her home in Dallas - Fort Worth with her husband and two beautiful babies!


When you know your



  • Gain powerful clarity into the way you operate

  • Establish a strong relationship with yourself

  • Discover your blueprint for success

  • Break through deep blocks​​

  • Identify why you haven't been successful

  • Identify why you've hit a plateau

The Personality Recipe™ is the basis of The HIVE, our premiere membership program!

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